Hot WFI storage and distribution is now a standard option

Hot WFI storage and distribution is now a standard option for our Pharmatec flagship model MWFI membrane-based “cold” WFI generation system. Syntegon is pleased to announce the successful commissioning of this system configuration at a major, global vaccine manufacturer.

This innovative approach is enabling customers preferring or requiring hot WFI storage to realize significant savings in both CAPEX and OPEX. The smaller footprint makes it a convenient, affordable drop-in option for existing facility upgrades and new facilities alike. The energy savings from reduced or altogether eliminated cold water and heating steam consumption make it a highly sustainable solution.

Turning to hot storage to avoid needing to treat with ozone – ozone remains problematic to handle and difficult to measure accurately in solution – no longer means bigger, more expensive, and energy-hungry generation systems. With the hot WFI storage option now standard for the MWFI, customers need not compromise.

Interested in learning more about “cold” WFI generation with hot storage and our MWFI technology? Contact us today! Subject matter experts  Albrecht Voigt and Nils Ern look forward to connecting with you directly.





Albrecht Voigt is Syntegon´s Area Sales Manager with 20 years of pharma sales expertise









Nils Ern is Syntegon´s Head of Engineering with more than 20 years of experience in system engineering, thereof 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry




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