Quick Turnaround of Manual Inspection Hoods (MIH) for Visual Inspection

Syntegon has stood strong with its customers in our common fight against COVID-19. To meet the rising demand for vaccine inspection capabilities, Syntegon is offering fast track delivery of manual inspection hoods.

Manual inspection will always be the cornerstone of visual inspection. It sets the benchmark for an acceptable product and establishes the baseline for validation. Syntegon’s MIH’s are excellent for small lots, re-inspection of rejects/ejects, and batch releases.

Immediate delivery is possible with any of our various models, which include the MIH-Port, MIH-DX, MIH-LX, MIH-IV and MIH-1 giving our customers flexibility in whatever phase of manufacturing they are operating.

Contact Francine Vaccari today with any of your manual inspection needs and click here for more information on our full range of Inspection Systems.

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