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Self-administration of drugs is on the rise – due to the increase in lifestyle-related diseases, as well as major advances in oncology and hormone therapy. Thanks to the availability of devices to support self-administration of drugs, todays patients can manage their own treatment, more independently than ever before.

Following this trend, pharmaceutical companies are increasing the availability of combination products. In order to fulfill the growing demand pharmaceutical companies and CMO’s are looking for highly automated and flexible assembly solutions.

Syntegon’s Assembly machines are based on a modular platform design, which allows for a high level of customization, by means of being able to assemble various device types from different device manufacturers or being able to choose the level of automation from manual, semi-auto or to fully automatic. Later upgrades are possible as well due to our modular design concept.

Other innovations are our tooling and assembly stations, which are fully scalable and independent from speed or throughput. The tooling you are using during the R&D work or show a proof of concept all the way to full high-speed assembly will remain the same. Allowing you to scale up your production and reduce the time to market of your specific device.

We complement our machine assembly solutions with our own integrated high precision labeling and printing technology, which represents just one of the many solutions Syntegon Technology is offering to the MedTech Device Industry.


Combination Products and Devices

  • Pens
  • Auto-injectors
  • Safety device
  • Cannula / needle
  • Inhaler
  • Infusion sets
  • Catheter


Key advantages of Syntegon’s solutions

  • Implementation of several device formats on one machine
  • Tooling designed for full scale-up, independent of speed requirement
  • Machine output of up to 300 ppm
  • Small footprint platform with high level of modularity
  • Quick changeover between the different formats
  • Assembly of new devices can be implemented easily and at low costs
  • Highly adaptable machine concept will support high level of utilization


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