Xelum R&D at Interphex NY in May

Wondering what all the hype is about continuous manufacturing? Wishing you could see a continuous OSD process in action? Join Alex Trombley, Andreas Agapow, and other Syntegon experts at Interphex 2022 to see Syntegon’s continuous manufacturing solution, Xelum. We will be demonstrating the Xelum R&D live at the show in New York City on May 24-26 and are excited to show you the benefits of the system in person at booth 3305.

Xelum is a continuous manufacturing solution that centers around our “x-key” based control strategy. We define an x-ley to be a singular sub-batch of fed, blended, granulated, and finally, compressed powder. The Xelum starts with a number of twin-screw feeders operating in batch mode to dispense the needed amount of each component for an individual x-key. This powder is then blended and pneumatically transferred to one of five fluid bed granulators. After granulation and drying the powder is reconciled into a similar extra-granular feeder-blender system and compressed into tablets.

The Xelum R&D extracts the key elements of this process as a feeder-blender module, a single Hüttlin SolidLab 2 fluid bed granulator and reconciliation receiver. If needed, this base Xelum R&D can be paired with a tablet press or capsule filler for end-to-end R&D continuous production. This unit is what we will be showcasing in NYC. We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to learn more about the Xelum R&D.

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