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Simplicity meets high tech

Do you need to get into production quickly? Stock fill/finish machines are coming! The Versynta Isolated FLT is the compact fill/finish solution for clinical trials and small batch production. Easy to operate, with layered safeguards to maximize output and the shortest biodecontamination times on the market. Available for FAT in Minneapolis this fall, so get in touch to learn how to reserve your equipment today. Click here to view our brochure.

Successful FAT completed at our Allendale, NJ location

For our customers’ convenience, we recently performed a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) at our facility in Allendale, NJ and will perform more within the first half of 2022.

Syntegon Artificial Intelligence (AI) for inspection has been implemented and validated on fully automated inspection machines since 2020, and continuously rolled out on further difficult inspection areas. This has resulted in increased detection rates and drastically reduced false rejections. …more

Syntegon’s PreVAS needles get a boost in production

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions throughout the Single-Use (SU) industry over the past two years. With new applications geared toward fighting the pandemic, the demand for SU has greatly increased. At this same time, the acceptance and desire of SU products have also increased for different types of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Syntegon recognized this challenge …more

PCI Pharma Services relies on RDA assembly machines from Syntegon Technology

Auto-injectors are the preferred choice of first responders, medical providers and patients to administer combination products in a safe and efficient manner. Although the use of combination products might be different and is still expanding, they have one thing in common: auto-injectors are reliable, easy to use and ensure patients safety.

As a result of these developments, …more

Syntegon’s newest manual inspection system – the MIH-1 Mini

The MIH-1 Mini is a variant of our MIH-1 manual inspection system that provides an optimal environment for inspection of sterile injectable products in vial, ampoule, syringe and cartridge containers. It serves as a standalone inspection station and has a lift system for height adjustment.

This 36” wide model is designed to fit in smaller spaces and …more

Explore Assembly and Labeling solutions for medical devices

Self-administration of drugs is on the rise – due to the increase in lifestyle-related diseases, as well as major advances in oncology and hormone therapy. Thanks to the availability of devices to support self-administration of drugs, todays patients can manage their own treatment, more independently than ever before.

Following this trend, pharmaceutical companies are increasing the availability of combination products. In order to fulfill the growing demand …more

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