Bringing best-in-class CCIT to Japan


In Japan, some pharmaceutical manufacturers go beyond legal requirements to ensure the safety of their pharmaceuticals – and rely on Syntegon’s automatic leak detection machine KHS. By switching from manual to automated Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT), they can increase their output significantly. …more

Pushing the envelope for pre-sterilized vials

Ready to use vials Syntegon Stevanato

The market for ready-to-use (RTU) containers is growing at a rapid pace. Drug manufacturers benefit from reduced time-to-market and total cost of ownership (TCO), as well as increased flexibility and greater integrity of the drug product.


Filling pharmaceutical powders efficiently and safely

Pharmaceutical powders form the basis for many antibiotics that are essential for comprehensive medical care. In this interview, Markus Heinz, product manager at Syntegon, explains which changes are currently taking place in the market and which challenges antibiotic manufacturers are facing in powder filling. …more

New, patented loading system for freeze dryers

Biopharmaceutical drugs such as mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 not only differ from classical pharmaceuticals regarding production methods. They are also extremely sensitive and have a very short shelf life when stored in liquid form. Freeze-drying is often the only way to preserve these active ingredients for more than a few days. However, it is precisely the interfaces between filling and freeze drying that pose major challenges for the protection of people and products.


Complete transparency: innovative Track and Trace solutions for the food industry


Product counterfeiting is a hot topic in almost all manufacturing industries; the demands for a clear proof of origin are increasing. Particularly regarding the growing number of scandals involving counterfeit or contaminated food products, it is essential to take action as quickly as possible – to strengthen confidence in one’s own brand and to avoid expensive product recalls. …more

Syntegon is new Steering Committee member at Open-SCS working group

Syntegon Track & Trace Open SCS

Syntegon Technology, who was already a member of the working group, was recently voted to the Steering Committee of the Open Serialization Communication Standard (Open-SCS) group. Joint goals include the fight against counterfeiting, spread of product safety and the establishment of interoperable interfaces for the implementation of adequate serialization solutions. Syntegon´s open interface approach and long-standing experience with projects in Food and Pharma will bring benefits to the Steering Committee. …more

Modularization is Helping Realize COVID-19 Vaccine and Therapy Formulation Capital Projects in Record Time

The race to bring effective vaccines and therapies for COVD-19 to market has dramatically reshaped the planning and execution of pharmaceutical manufacturing capital projects. In these unprecedented times, project execution timelines have been compressed to a degree that until recently would have been considered unfeasible. In drug product formulation, where the equipment functionality required is highly dependent on the drug product type, modularization is proving a decisive design advantage to help meet the need for both process flexibility and exceedingly short delivery times. …more

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