Bringing best-in-class CCIT to Japan


In Japan, some pharmaceutical manufacturers go beyond legal requirements to ensure the safety of their pharmaceuticals – and rely on Syntegon’s automatic leak detection machine KHS. By switching from manual to automated Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT), they can increase their output significantly. …More

400th Syntegon Capsylon sold in North America

Congratulations to Thorne Research! Thorne recently purchased the 400th Syntegon Capsylon encapsulation machine sold in North America.

Thorne moved its corporate headquarters and nutritional supplement manufacturing operations from Idaho to South Carolina in 2018, bringing with it a truck load of Syntegon GKF capsule fillers. They have a long-standing history with Syntegon, …More

Syntegon’s newest manual inspection system – the MIH-1 Mini

The MIH-1 Mini is a variant of our MIH-1 manual inspection system that provides an optimal environment for inspection of sterile injectable products in vial, ampoule, syringe and cartridge containers. It serves as a standalone inspection station and has a lift system for height adjustment.

This 36” wide model is designed to fit in smaller spaces and …More

UX-based redesign KHD 2000 – off-line Glove Testing System

Barrier systems such as isolators or RABS play a fundamental role in the protection of people and products in pharmaceutical production. Only tenths of a millimeter thick gloves are the most crucial interface in these hermetically sealed units. To ensure that barrier systems are sterile, and processes remain safe, a thorough and regular inspection of the glove integrity is vital. The regulatory requirements for gloves are strict. However, they also leave plenty of choice for suitable test methods. Many facility operators face the question as to which method is suited best for which system.



Explore Assembly and Labeling solutions for medical devices

Self-administration of drugs is on the rise – due to the increase in lifestyle-related diseases, as well as major advances in oncology and hormone therapy. Thanks to the availability of devices to support self-administration of drugs, todays patients can manage their own treatment, more independently than ever before.

Following this trend, pharmaceutical companies are increasing the availability of combination products. In order to fulfill the growing demand …More

Sepion – The Industry’s Most Advanced Drum Coater

Tablet coating has been around in the oral solid dosage industry for well over a century. Originally invented as a method to make taking tablets more palatable, tablet coating in today’s pharmaceutical industry has evolved to make pharmaceutical ingredients more effective. Timed release, flavor masking, and tablet protection are just a few of the reasons why a coating is applied to a tablet during the manufacturing process. Syntegon has launched …More

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