Cluster merger strengthens competitiveness

In 2020, Bosch Packaging Technology will reinvent itself. With the planned acquisition by CVC Capital, the processing and packaging technology division will be separated from the Bosch Group and will operate as a medium-sized enterprise. This fits in perfectly with a new and exciting market development: the planned merger of Packaging Valley e.V. (PV) and Packaging Excellence Region Stuttgart e.V. (PEC) into a large joint network. …more

Syntegon and TraceLink – A Perfect Match for Protection of Life

TraceLink and Syntegon Technology have collaborated to successfully develop several Track & Trace projects over the last couple of years. We participate in TraceLink´s Futurelink event every year and in April 2019; we signed a partnership agreement for further collaboration. As a result, there are numerous beneficial possibilities to connect both systems.

Syntegon and TraceLink at a glance


We provide process technology and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Our portfolio includes single units, complete lines and integrated systems for the manufacturing and processing of liquid and solid pharmaceuticals. It includes process technology, primary packaging and inspection technology for different application fields and packaging types. Secondary packaging with Track & Trace machines/stations as well as Level 3 software solutions and technical customer service are also available.

TraceLink is the world largest integrated digital supply network and the leader for Level 4 and 5 Track & Trace systems for pharmaceutical serialization. TraceLink works with life science companies to ensure patient safety by eliminating counterfeit prescription drugs from the global marketplace. By connecting the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, from manufacturer to dispenser, on an interoperable network, TraceLink helps its customers meet complex global compliance requirements.

The data exchange between both systems is a seamless and smooth process. The interface is continuously improving, which has been confirmed over the years by many customers around the world. To setup a connected system, an effortless and standardized project fulfillment is provided by both sides. While Bosch is covering Level 1 through Level 3, TraceLink is taking care of Level 4 and 5 systems. The following picture shows the level architecture between Syntegon and TraceLink.

Syntegon at Level 1 to 3 and TraceLink as an upper system


By choosing Syntegon and TraceLink, pharmaceutical companies are able to implement a Track & Trace concept in the shortest amount of time. While we provide the production environment, TraceLink focuses on the supply chain. By combining core competencies we´re providing best project excellence. The result: A reliable, fast, innovative and extremely flexible solution which meets the global Track & Trace needs and fulfills highest quality standards. Global references confirm the large functionalities and unmatched benefits of choosing this partnership system.

If you are interested in learning more about how we and TraceLink can support you with Track and Trace production and digital supply chain solutions, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your requirements.

If you want to find out more about TraceLink, visit For more information on Syntegon Track and Trace, visit our website at


Jörg Willburger
Product Management Pharma

RABS vs. Isolator – Choosing the right Isolation Technology

A major source of pollution in aseptic manufacturing is personal handling. Therefore, the reduction of human interventions in the critical zone leads to higher purity in the products. At some point, every pharmaceutical manufacturer will face the never-ending discussion of RABS versus isolator technology. …more

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